Boiler Service and Repair

As the UK is not known for its constant sunny days, having a gas or oil central heating system is a must to keep the house warm and to heat water.

Ben Jackson Plumbing provides routine checks and services on gas and oil boilers throughout Carmarthenshire and surrounding areas in South Wales.  It’s important for any homeowner to get their boiler regularly serviced to maintain the boiler warranty and also to ensure that the boiler is running as it should. Neglecting boiler services can lead to problems later down the line, which can be costly.

Ben Jackson Plumbing recommends that your boiler is serviced annually. It doesn’t matter if the boiler is 1 year old or 10 years old, the main priority is to ensure all boilers are safe and free from defects.

If you have a known/ unknown problem with your gas or oil boiler, our qualified team of plumbers will be able to repair any part of the boiler which is causing an issue. Ben Jackson Plumbing is known in the county for quick turn around times and for being a reliable and trusted plumbing company.

Gas / Oil Boiler Servicing Checks

  • Inspection of gas and oil boiler controls – this is to ensure they’re functioning properly.
  • Corrosion and leaks inspection.
  • Gas pressure inspections. We’ll also gas rate the boiler at the same time.
  • Flue testing using a gas analyser. This inspection is to make ensure the boiler is running safely and efficiently.
  • Parts cleaning if required.
  • Seal inspection and replacement if required
  • A document is provided displaying all checks and inspections with a certificate displaying your service date.